20th Annual Rochester International Film festival April 17 - 23, 2015
Rochester International Film Group



Thank you for a great 20th Annual Rochester International Film Festival!

We look forward to seeing you at the iFilm series throughout the year and at next year's festival in 2016!


Mpls/St. Paul International Film Fest in Twin Cities best of the fest April 24-30!

We are proud have been a part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival for the past 20 years and we could not bring these films to Rochester without the talents of the Jesse Bishop and countless others in the Twin Cities. Catch films you may have missed at the Best of the Fest running April 24-30

Next iFilm: Nov 18, 6:00pm @ Rochester Public Library
The Lesoon posterTHE LESSON

Directed by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov
Bulgaria / 2014 / Bulgarian with English subtitles

In a small Bulgarian town, Nade is an honest, hard-working elementary school teacher struggling to keep her life together. Her unemployed, alcoholic husband has secretly spent their mortgage payements on booze, and now the bank is threatening to auction off the house where they live with their young daughter. The agency where she translates legal documents to English for extra cash is going under and unable to pay her what she's due, and a thief in her class has stolen the last few dollars out of her purse. With few options left, she solicits help from a local loan shark who is happy to give her what she needs at a steep price. With the reposession looming, Nade will resort to measures her former self, untouched by the realities of economic desperation and moral compromise, would have found depraved, as she makes one last extreme effort to secure the money she needs.

French Film series concludes Sept 16th with L'Enfer

The Alliance Française Ciné Club is bringing a series of 3 French films to Rochester Public Library this year.

The series concludes on September 16th at 6:00pm with Claude Chabrol's drama L’Enfer starring François Cluzet and Emmanuel Béart. All movies are free and shown with English subtitles. Download the poster in PDF form.

2015 Film Festival Schedule

Films, film times and filmmaker Q & A sessions are subject to change. Download PDF of schedule.

Date Film Time
Fri, April 17 Opening Reception with hors d'oeuvres and live music 5:30pm
  Tokyo Fiancée (Belgium/Canada/France/Japan) 7:00pm
  Ida (Poland) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Foreign Language Film 9:10pm
Sat, April 18 Marie's Story (France) 12:30pm
  Secrets Of War (Netherlands) 2:30pm
  The Dinkytown Uprising (US/MN) + filmmaker Q & A 4:30pm
  Grandad (Iceland) 7:15pm
  Voice Over (Chile) 9:15pm
Sun, April 19 Antarctic Edge: 70° South (US/Antarctica) + Second Nature short film 12:30pm
  Hello! Jun'ichi (Japan) 2:40pm
  Miss Tibet: Beauty In Exile (US/India) + filmmaker Q & A 4:40pm
  Beatles (Norway) 7:10pm
  Nowhere in Moravia (Czech Republic) 9:30pm
Mon, April 20 Grandad (Iceland) 1:00pm
Citizenfour (Germany/US/UK) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Documentary 3:00pm
  The Owners (Kazakhstan) 5:30pm
  The Golden Era (China/Hong Kong) 7:30pm
Tue, April 21 Beatles (Norway) 2:15pm
  Timbuktu (France/Mauritania) - 2015 Oscar nominee 4:45pm
  Happy Times (Mexico) 7:00pm
  Breakup Buddies (China) 9:00pm
Wed, April 22 Antarctic Edge: 70° South (US/Antarctica) + Second Nature short film 2:15pm
  Theeb (Jordan/Qatar) 4:30pm
  Nena (Netherlands/Germany) 7:00pm
  Citizenfour (Germany/US/UK) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Documentary 9:00pm
Thurs, April 23 The Golden Era (China/Hong Kong) 1:30pm
  Ida (Poland) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Foreign Language Film 5:00pm
  Timbuktu (France/Mauritania) - 2015 Oscar nominee 7:00pm
  Happy Times (Mexico) 9:15pm