20th Annual Rochester International Film festival April 17 - 23, 2015
Rochester International Film Group



20th Annual Rochester International Film Festival will be held on April 17th - 23rd at Rochester Galaxy 14 Cine !

The 20th Anniversary film festival dates have been announced: the festival will open on Friday, April 17th and continue through Thursday, April 23rd at Rochester Galaxy 14 Cine - 4340 Maine Ave SE, Rochester, Minnesota.

Listen to an "Art Beat" interview about the festival from KQAL radio.

Film Fest Audio Interviews:

2015 Film Festival Schedule

Films, film times and filmmaker Q & A sessions are subject to change. Download PDF of schedule.

Date Film Time
Fri, April 17 Opening Reception with hors d'oeuvres and live music 5:30pm
  Tokyo Fiancée (Belgium/Canada/France/Japan) 7:00pm
  Ida (Poland) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Foreign Language Film 9:10pm
Sat, April 18 Marie's Story (France) 12:30pm
  Secrets Of War (Netherlands) 2:30pm
  The Dinkytown Uprising (US/MN) + filmmaker Q & A 4:30pm
  Grandad (Iceland) 7:15pm
  Voice Over (Chile) 9:15pm
Sun, April 19 Antarctic Edge: 70° South (US/Antarctica) + Second Nature short film 12:30pm
  Hello! Jun'ichi (Japan) 2:40pm
  Miss Tibet: Beauty In Exile (US/India) + filmmaker Q & A 4:40pm
  Beatles (Norway) 7:10pm
  Nowhere in Moravia (Czech Republic) 9:30pm
Mon, April 20 Grandad (Iceland) 1:00pm
Citizenfour (Germany/US/UK) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Documentary 3:00pm
  The Owners (Kazakhstan) 5:30pm
  The Golden Era (China/Hong Kong) 7:30pm
Tue, April 21 Beatles (Norway) 2:15pm
  Timbuktu (France/Mauritania) - 2015 Oscar nominee 4:45pm
  Happy Times (Mexico) 7:00pm
  Breakup Buddies (China) 9:00pm
Wed, April 22 Antarctic Edge: 70° South (US/Antarctica) + Second Nature short film 2:15pm
  Theeb (Jordan/Qatar) 4:30pm
  Nena (Netherlands/Germany) 7:00pm
  Citizenfour (Germany/US/UK) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Documentary 9:00pm
Thurs, April 23 The Golden Era (China/Hong Kong) 1:30pm
  Ida (Poland) - 2015 Oscar winner Best Foreign Language Film 5:00pm
  Timbuktu (France/Mauritania) - 2015 Oscar nominee 7:00pm
  Happy Times (Mexico) 9:15pm

Mpls/St. Paul International Film Fest in Twin Cities begins April 9th!

We are proud have been a part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival for the past 20 years and we could not bring these films to Rochester without the talents of the Jesse Bishop and countless others in the Twin Cities. Films begin on April 9th and run through April 25th.

Next iFilm: April 8th, 6:00pm @ Rochester Public Library

The Dark Valley

Directed by Andreas Prochaska
Austria and Germany / 2014 / German with English subtitles

Somewhere high in the Alps, a lone rider makes his way along a hidden path and reaches a small village, tucked away between the steep mountains. This stranger goes by the name of Greider; nobody knows where he's from and, met with blatant distrust, nobody wants him in the village. The sons of Old Brenner, the village patriarch who holds the entire community under his threatening, violent ways, would have chased him away if Greider hadn't given them a fistful of gold coins. Greider introduces himself as a photographer, and Brenner's sons provide him with shelter for the winter at the house of widow Gader and her young daughter, Luzi. Soon to be married to her sweetheart, Lukas, Luzi is full of trepidation as the big day draws near because, in this valley, a wedding comes with a terrible tradition. And whoever opposes this tradition will be subjected to a merciless punishment.

In the depths of winter, the village cut off by snowfall and barely a ray of sunlight reaching the valley, a tragic accident leads to the death of one of Brenner's beloved sons. When another son is mysteriously killed, it's clear this is not a coincidence: the time has come for Brenner's family to pay, and Greider plans to settle a score long forgotten by everyone but him.

French Film series coming to Rochester Public Library beginning May 20th

The Alliance Française Ciné Club is bringing a series of 3 French films to Rochester Public Library this year. The series begins on Wednesday, May 20th a

t 6:00pm with the comedy Amitiés Sincères directed by Stephan Archinard and François Prévôt-Leygonie.

The series continues on July 15th with Jacques Tati's comedy Jour de fête and concludes on September 16th with Claude Chabrol's drama L’Enfer starring François Cluzet and Emmanuel Béart. All movies are free and shown with English subtitles. Download the poster in PDF form.